Model 022 - for pipe bending to 90 degrees.

  • Supplied with six formers, two bobbins (support slippers) and pins.
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy formers with large angle of arc to support pipe during bending. This results in a bend of superior quality
  • Cross section of formers is of “elliptical” form to minimise flattening of bend
  • Solid frame fabrication eliminates flexing during bending operation
  • Hydraulic ram is easily removed from frame and converts to 12 ton jack
  • Formers’ spigot size 38mm
  • Shipping: 60kg / 0.09m3

Former Dimensions

Tube Size

Centreline Radius of Bend

1/2" pipe former


3/4" pipe former


1" pipe former


1-1/4" pipe former


1-1/2" pipe former


2" pipe former



Bramley Manual Heavy-duty Hydraulic Pipe Bender

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